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    Tuesday, March 21, 2006

    Iraq: Ring in Year Four

    Stardate 5493.3

    For a war that had nothing to do whatsoever with the 9-11 attacks and the holy retribution that was initially the War on Al Qaeda, it has sure been dragging on now, and in fact, that crusade has become the War on Terror, where all nations of questionable leadership, policy and faith must surely tremble before the awesome might of the US.

    Of course, you would think that after three years of occupation, newly installed, democratically elected governments and all of the other fantastic improvements brought by the Westernizing assimilation process, that the job would nearly be done, and they could move on to other countries whom continuously work against the will of the United Nations, and perpetrate grave incidents of human suffering, torture and mistreatment.

    Simply put, this is not the case in Iraq. Violence could realistically be at the highest level since the initial "Shock and Awe" attacks, and the civilian toll alone eclipses 100,000. The cost to the increasing deficit that is the US budget has been nearly $250 BILLION. Imagine what that sort of money could do for Cancer research, world hunger, or heck, even education and health care in the US itself. Insurgent attacks are on the rise again, and Iraq is one meal away from all out civil war.

    There is no sign yet of a US withdrawl. Good job George... you have won their hearts, and their oil.

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