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    Friday, July 21, 2006

    Rice opposes cease fire

    Stardate 6103.85

    "Outrageous provocation" is what Condoleeza Rice accuses Hezbollah of. Sure, the capture of the two soldiers was a dumb move, though likely it was to exchange for other prisoners in Israel... How about the "Outrageous response" from Israel? How many civilians more will have to die in Stephen Harper's "measured response"? Maybe he and Rice will be happier when Lebanon is a glass sheet?

    Rice goes on to say that an immediate ceasefire is not a good thing, as it will be a "false promise" of mideast peace. WHAT? So let's let Israel keep bombing civilians and destroying everything. Let's let Hezbollah keep firing rockets into Israel. Great plan there... The important thing is to get both sides to stop shooting each other up, and to stop levelling Lebanon and killing civilians. Soon, Israel will invade, then the Lebanese army will have to defend their country...

    So an immediate end to hostilities is bad news. REAL FRIGGIN GOOD FOREIGN POLICY THERE. I am sure the half million Lebanese people who have fled the smoking remains of their homes agree.

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