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    Friday, July 21, 2006

    Who's fault is it anyways?

    Stardate 6102.72

    We can all speculate who is mainly responsible, and what sparked off the latest hostilities and conflict in the Middle East. Many people maintain that it is Syrian and Iranian influence against Israel, while others say that the Israelis are pawns of the United Stated. Maybe a few actually believe the Lebanese people themselves are responsible. At any rate, one thing is certain. Both sides at present are not willing to back down, and in fact, the Lebanese government has stated that they will defend their border against invasion. Perhaps Israel and Hezbollah are simply pawns in the continuing game played between the US and Iran. At present, I believe the Lebanese people are innocent and victims of a relentless and inhumane attack by Israel, though a solution to rid the country of Hezbollah and stop this ridiculous assault on Lebanese civilians is elusive at best. So far, 312 Lebanese, mostly civilians have died and 32 Israelis, mainly military have perished in the conflict. Over half a million Lebanese havebeen forced to flee their homes due to the assault.

    What do you think? Who is the MAIN party responsible for the escalation of the conflict in the Middle East? Vote here or on the poll in the sidebar on the main page.

    Who is the main cause of the current Middle East Crisis?
    Iran and Syria
    United States
    All of them
    None of them

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