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    Tuesday, April 26, 2005

    Ex Patre Nomine (Ex-Patriot vs Nominee)

    Stardate 3847.6

    The former US Ambassador to the United Nations speaks out against Bolton...

    WASHINGTON - A former colleague of John R. Bolton says President Bush’s nominee for U.S. ambassador to the United Nations “has none of the qualities needed for that job.”

    Frederick Vreeland, a former US ambassador to Morocco said Bolton "has all the qualities needed to harm the image and objectives in the U.N. and its affiliated international organizations.

    "If it is now U.S. policy not to reform the U.N. but to destroy it, Bolton is our man.”

    "He spoke of the U.N. as being the enemy..."

    "It is totally erroneous to speak of Bolton as a diplomat."

    Vreeland worked with Bolton before and says he treated visitors to his office as though they were servants or beneath him, and was openly dismissive, curt and negative towards many of them.

    What scares me is how stoically the Administration stands behind this villain (yes, perhaps he will be a new "kick butt villain"...). Condoleezza Rice, last seen in jackboots and a black Matrix style trenchcoat, said that both her and the President believe Bolton is the right man for the job, especially as the U.N. undergoes change. Do they not mean "as the U.S. undergoes change"?

    I think that by backing this guy, they are thumbing their noses at the world. It is a final blow in their unilateral war to obtain oil and military domination. They continuously disregard the thoughts of almost every other major power in the world, and by putting this guy, who openly disdains the U.N. in a spot where he is to negotiate with these nations, is nothing more than a final kick in the arse.

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