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    Thursday, September 01, 2005

    Fast and Furious Update

    Stardate 4489.0

    It has been some time since I posted complaining about the speedy young folks living on our street. The main gist of it all can be read HERE. Well there has been some excitement along the way, capped off by what appears to be awesome news!

    A while back now, there was an incident where the oen guy was riding one fo those teenie little, silly looking motorbikes up and down the street, and even around the corner and down main street. That day, the one part-time cop in town was busy nabbing dirtbikers (BRAVO!!!!) and somethign was up where he was looking for a man who had stolen a small kids bike. Well the guy from across the street took off on his mini little motorbike, and his one room-mate jogged off down the street a few minutes later... The next thing you know, the cop was driving up and down our street for a while. The house in question cleared out really quickly, and two cars and a minivan all took off, as if searching for the guy on the motorbike. One of the girls was left behind, and finally, the cop came and after talking to her for some time, gave her a ticket for something. I am guessing noise, since everyone on the street except us kept callign the police to complain...

    At any rate, almost everyone came back. The girls were all back, and the one minivan guy came back briefly, but I have not seen the guy with the little motor bike since. In fact, it was probably that night that was the last time I saw the guy with the minivan too. This was nearly a month ago now...

    So we endured several semi-noisy nights here and there, and over this last week, they have been burning a lot of stuff in the backyard, and cleaning up by the looks of things. Just the other day, they had parked a big old van on the street, and the cop came by with a tow truck and took it away a few days later. In the morning, when I am leaving for work, there are no vehicles left, except a decrepit old pickup in the drive.

    I think they were evicted :P I still want to know what happened to the Vin Diesel wannabe on the mini bike though...

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