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    Friday, September 02, 2005

    President McChimpy Isn't Happy With Relief Efforts

    Stardate 4492.8

    In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, I had decided to put away my little wagging finger of blame and concentrate my blogging efforts on raising awareness and aid for the stricken folks in New Orleans and all along the southern US coast. To me, the thought of laying blame was preposterous when so many thousands of people need help now. This morning, I was leaving home to come to work with one thought on my mind. My efforts are "not acceptable".

    My messenger news pop up told me "President Bush rips relief efforts". That's this guy...

    ...who was in California jamming when the Hurricane was at it's worst. Looking pretty bad too George. Don't know how clear that chord will ring out.

    At any rate, this is the guy who has all his troops overseas "defending the US from terrorism". There are so few troops left that in the fatherland that Canada could invade the US right now, spreading good cheer, beer and Alannis everywhere, not to mention they can't stop the looting and insanity in New Orleans. In fact, the National Guard troops in Iraq from the Hurricane stricken area will not be brought home early to help. Apparently, occupying a foreign country thousands of kilometers away is much more important than defendign your own country in a time of massive crisis. Wait, didn't Bush say this was the "worst natural disaster in US history"? Well hot-damn George! Bring some boys home to help out... especially if Canada is ready to send troops down to help! Last I heard, the Department of Homeland Stupidity was not allowing a special rescue group from Vancouver into the area... Wonder if htat has changed?

    He is also the same President who removed funding from the Army Corps of Engineers responsible for maintaining the levees keeping New Orleans safe from flooding in order to fund his "war" in Iraq. The Flood Control projects were basically what was keeping New Orleans afloat. Well it doesn't matter now does it George.

    Back to the original story now... Bush says:

    "A lot of people are working hard to help those who've been affected. The
    results are not acceptable. I'm heading down there right now."

    All right! George the monkey is going to go and personally pull people out of their flooded homes and help get people out of the Superdome in New Orleans!!! NOT. He won't even go near the downtown area, that has been hardest hit and is the hotbed of violence and chaos. As he boards "Marine 1" his Presidential helicopter, I wonder if he is calculating how much GASOLINE he will be using flying his entourage down there, what with the sudden hike in the cost of oil and gas... Maybe he should just stay home at his little cowboy ranch in Texas for the rest of his term, and let his country fall apart from mismanagement. It would save a lot of time and efforts lying to the public wouldn't it?

    I am sure everyone can understand that the city is destroyed, in chaos, and people have only one law right now. Survival. There are bad people down there, and there are good people. However, when something like this happens, reality begins to slip away, and soon, order is lost. Get soem troops home to help. Martial Law could save many lives in this situation, but you need troops for that.

    So ultimately, the guy who is responsible for budget cuts directly affecting the safety of New Orleans, and the guy who has all o fhis National Guard overseas, and the guy doing a little chicken' picken' on the guitar is the guy saying efforts are not good enough.

    Very good Mr. President. I am sure the people down there will be very happy to see you circling above in your little toy helicopter like some sort of "Hero". Better wear a Kevlar vest.

    Obviously, *real* help is still needed. Please remain generous with your contributions to the Red Cross. I want to thank those that have already donated money. Every bit helps. Some people in this world sacrifice above and beyond to help others in times like this. They are the true heroes.

    If you want more in depth reading on the President's inability to deal with this, read this at Bring It On! Oh by the way, all the experts warned everyone that this Hurricane was going to get worse, and guess what? It did!

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